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Simplify the use of `phutil_get_library_root`

Authored by joshuaspence on Jan 11 2015, 10:50 AM.
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Currently, in order to retrieve the library root of the current phutil module, the following code is required:

$library = phutil_get_current_library_name();
$root = phutil_get_library_root($library);

This can be simplified by allowing the use of phutil_get_library_root() (without any arguments) to mean "get the library root for the current module".

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Use this change to simplify some other code

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I'm very slightly concerned that this may break silently when code is moved between libraries. Although this is rare, we've moved a decent amount of code from phabricator to libphutil in the past, and some between libphutil and arcanist, and a bit between arcanist and phabricator. Probably none of it actually called phutil_get_library_root(), but the scenario (where we move code that does) doesn't seem totally impossible to me.

If we're explicit with library names, the code will continue functioning correctly (or throw a very visible/obvious error, in the case of moving to a lower level library with the higher-level library not loaded). With implicit names, it may silently change the behavior of the code.

If this seems like a net positive even given that consideration, I'm fine with it. It seems pretty borderline to me (although I could also imagine library authors having a much easier time with this version of the function in the future, and facing nearly zero risk of cross-library code moves).

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jan 11 2015, 5:18 PM

I think that this change makes phutil_get_library_root() more useful, although I agree that extra care will be required when moving code between libraries. Let me strip this back a bit to only include the "more safe" parts.

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