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Add `cluster.addresses` and require membership before accepting cluster authentication tokens

Authored by epriestley on Jan 2 2015, 9:13 PM.
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Ref T2783. Ref T6706.

  • Add cluster.addresses. This is a whitelist of CIDR blocks which define cluster hosts.
  • When we recieve a request that has a cluster-based authentication token, require the cluster to be configured and require the remote address to be a cluster member before we accept it.
    • This provides a general layer of security for these mechanisms.
    • In particular, it means they do not work by default on unconfigured hosts.
  • When cluster addresses are configured, and we receive a request to an address not on the list, reject it.
    • This provides a general layer of security for getting the Ops side of cluster configuration correct.
    • If cluster nodes have public IPs and are listening on them, we'll reject requests.
    • Basically, this means that any requests which bypass the LB get rejected.
Test Plan
  • With addresses not configured, tried to make requests; rejected for using a cluster auth mechanism.
  • With addresses configred wrong, tried to make requests; rejected for sending from (or to) an address outside of the cluster.
  • With addresses configured correctly, made valid requests.

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