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Added SCSS-Lint linter

Authored by joshuaspence on Oct 22 2014, 10:40 PM.


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Add the following JSON to your .arclint:

"scss-lint": {
  "type": "scss-lint"

Then, add a ruby file with errors, for instance:

.message {
  margin: 0;
  margin: 10px;

Run arc lint. It should come up with: "Property margin already defined on line 2"

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polite bump

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We don't want this... the expectation is that scss-lint $SOME_PATH should work regardless of the file extension.

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Anyone have an update on this? I'd love to use it in our project.

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Haven't heard back on this, so commandeering to fix it up a bit.

Rebase, general tidying

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Sorry for not responding! Is there something you need from me in the diff? I'll be happy to help!

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This has the same issue with severity structure discussed elsewhere. In particular, severity and severity.rules will be ignored in .arclint.

See discussion in D12034 for a specific example and how to resolve this issue. See D11657 for general discussion.

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any updates on this?

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Any plan on taking this issue over? Should I try? This would be pretty usefull for us :)

Is there any solutions for arclint & scss or is this still a valid issue?


You could use a Script and Regex Linter with config like this:

"stylelint": {
      "type": "script-and-regex",
      "script-and-regex.script": "sh -c 'node ./node_modules/stylelint/bin/stylelint.js \"$0\"  || true'",
      "script-and-regex.regex": "/^(\\h+)(?P<line>\\d+):(?P<char>\\d+)(\\h+)(?P<error>✖)(\\h+)(?P<message>.*)(\\h{1,})(?P<code>.*)$/m",
      "include": "/local\\/assets\\/styles\\/.*\\.scss/i"