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Unicode Title Glyphs On Windows
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How to make unicode glyphs work on windows

Why they don't work

Firefox renders it's title tags using it's own rendering engine, unfortunately, it stands alone in a sea of browsers that make use of the the default windows settings to render titles.

How to make them work

Supported fonts:

  • Deja Vu Sans
  • Segoe UI Symbol

The rest of the fonts offered don't support unicode to the extent required.

Browser settings


For Chrome use the Message Boxfont settings in the instructions below.

Internet Expolorer

For Internet Explorer use the Menu font settings in the instructions below.

Windows 7

  • Right click on your desktop and click personalize
  • Click Window Color
  • Click Advanced appearance settings
  • Select the item specific to your browser
  • Set the font to Segoe UI Symbol
  • Click Apply
  • Restart browser
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