Configuring a Windows build agent for Drydock
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IMPORTANT: Windows support in Drydock requires the use of third-party extensions. It is not supported by upstream.
NOTE: If you are interested in upstream support for Windows in Drydock, then go leave a comment on T10203. You must explain your use case to upstream on that task, or it won't get actioned.

Install OpenSSH for Windows

Use the following Chocolatey package to install OpenSSH for Windows:

Once you've installed Chocolatey, running the following command will install what you need:

choco install -y win32-openssh -version 2016.04.05 -params '"/SSHServerFeature /KeyBasedAuthenticationFeature"'

Configure authorized_keys

You need to configure authorized_keys on the Windows agent by creating a .ssh folder under C:\Users\<username>. In this folder create authorized_keys and paste the OpenSSH public key that you obtained from Passphrase when creating the Credential.

Add Phabricator Extensions

Add the files in to your src/extensions/ directory.

Configure Drydock

Follow the exact same setup instructions as the main Drydock guide, except use the "Windows Hosts" variant of the blueprints.

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