Projects in Policy Controls: No Longer Total Garbage

Projects shown in policy controls are now smarter, and will learn and remember the projects you select most frequently.

Policy controls (like "Visible To:" and "Editable By:") allow you to select project policies, like "Members of: Elite Special Forces". From the time they were written until mere moments ago, they listed every project the viewer is a member of and often looked like this after an install had seen some use:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.05.44 AM.png (1×515 px, 175 KB)

This was total garbage, because I am a bad and lazy engineer. See T4136 for the original report of users getting fed up with this.

At HEAD, this is not quite so garbage. The new rules are:

  • The projects you've most recently selected are shown by default.
  • If you haven't used the control to select many projects yet, a few arbitrary projects are filled in.
  • A new Other Project... option allows you to select projects not shown in the default list.

Because the dropdown takes some time to "learn" which projects you use most often, it will still be a bit arbitrary the first time you open it (at least, if you're a member of more than a few projects). The options should become relevant and useful after you interact with the control a few times, so give it a little while to learn which projects you select most frequently.

New installs should get a better first-time behavior automatically, as they create projects more gradually and the control can learn at the same time.

The new control also allows you to select projects you are not a member of. This is almost never useful, but there are a tiny handful of situations where such a selection is valid and was previously impossible to make.

Written by epriestley on Feb 5 2016, 6:15 PM.
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