Request for Cat Facts

After D15026 lands, we could really use some more cat facts to improve the product. Feel free to send revisions if you discover new facts about cats.

A good cat fact is:

  • a true fact;
  • about cats, cat culture, or cat lifestyles;
  • interesting, novel, useful, or unexpected;
  • a delightful narrative which takes the reader on a rich and rewarding journey;
  • no longer than a couple of short sentences;
  • written in simple, unembellished language;
  • well researched; and
  • entirely true.


Written by epriestley on Jan 15 2016, 2:00 PM.
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Event Timeline

In the 1960s, the CIA spent over $20 million attempting to train cats to spy on the Kremlin.

Is it allowed to set up a patch with other motivator facts? For example a motivator like:

Remeber: A glass half full with work is already half empty.

Perhaps Phabricator should integrate with this node api?