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Technical documentation for developers using libphutil.

Core Utilities

Core Utilities Quick ReferenceArticleSummary of libphutil core utilities.AbstractDirectedGraphClassModels a directed graph in a generic way that works well with graphs stored in a database, and allows you to perform operations like cycle detection.AbstractDirectedGraphTestCaseClassarray_fuse()FunctionSimplifies a common use of `array_combine()`. Specifically, this:array_interleave()FunctionAdd an element between every two elements of some array. That is, given a list `A, B, C, D`, and some element to interleave, `x`, this function returns `A, x, B, x, C, x, D`. This works like `implode()`, but does not concatenate the list into a string. In particular:array_mergev()FunctionMerge a vector of arrays performantly. This has the same semantics as array_merge(), so these calls are equivalent:array_select_keys()FunctionSelects a list of keys from an array, returning a new array with only the key-value pairs identified by the selected keys, in the specified order.assert_instances_of()FunctionChecks if all values of array are instances of the passed class. Throws `InvalidArgumentException` if it isn't true for any value.assert_stringlike()FunctionAssert that passed data can be converted to string.coalesce()FunctionReturns the first argument which is not strictly null, or `null` if there are no such arguments. Identical to the MySQL function of the same name.head()FunctionReturns the first element of an array. Exactly like reset(), but doesn't choke if you pass it some non-referenceable value like the return value of a function.head_key()FunctionReturns the first key of an function, returns its argument unmodified.idx()FunctionAccess an array index, retrieving the value stored there if it exists or a default if it does not. This function allows you to concisely access an index which may or may not exist without raising a warning.ifilter()FunctionFilter a list of arrays by removing the ones with an empty() value for some index. This function works just like @{function:mfilter}, except that it operates on a list of arrays instead of a list of objects.igroup()FunctionGroup a list of arrays by the value of some index. This function is the same as @{function:mgroup}, except it operates on the values of array indexes rather than the return values of method calls.ipull()FunctionChoose an index from a list of arrays. Short for "index pull", this function works just like @{function:mpull}, except that it operates on a list of arrays and selects an index from them instead of operating on a list of objects and calling a method on them.isort()FunctionSort a list of arrays by the value of some index. This method is identical to @{function:msort}, but operates on a list of arrays instead of a list of objects.last()FunctionReturns the last element of an array. This is exactly like `end()` except that it won't warn you if you pass some non-referencable array to it -- e.g., the result of some other array operation.last_key()FunctionReturns the last key of an array.mfilter()FunctionFilter a list of objects by executing a method across all the objects and filter out the ones with empty() results. this function works just like @{function:ifilter}, except that it operates on a list of objects instead of a list of arrays.MFilterTestHelperClassmgroup()FunctionGroup a list of objects by the result of some method, similar to how GROUP BY works in an SQL query. This function simplifies grouping objects by some property:mpull()FunctionCall a method on a list of objects. Short for "method pull", this function works just like @{function:ipull}, except that it operates on a list of objects instead of a list of arrays. This function simplifies a common type of mapping operation:msort()FunctionSort a list of objects by the return value of some method. In PHP, this is often vastly more efficient than `usort()` and similar.newv()FunctionInvokes the "new" operator with a vector of arguments. There is no way to `call_user_func_array()` on a class constructor, so you can instead use this function:nonempty()FunctionSimilar to @{function:coalesce}, but less strict: returns the first non-`empty()` argument, instead of the first argument that is strictly non-`null`. If no argument is nonempty, it returns the last argument. This is useful idiomatically for setting defaults:phutil_censor_credentials()FunctionAttempt to censor any plaintext credentials from a string.phutil_date_format()Functionphutil_fnmatch()FunctionAn improved version of `fnmatch`.phutil_format_bytes()FunctionFormat a byte count for human consumption, e.g. "10MB" instead of "10485760".phutil_format_relative_time()Functionphutil_format_relative_time_detailed()FunctionFormat a relative time (duration) into weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, but unlike phabricator_format_relative_time, does so for more than just the largest unit.phutil_format_units_generic()Functionphutil_fwrite_nonblocking_stream()FunctionPerform an `fwrite()` which distinguishes between EAGAIN and EPIPE.phutil_ini_decode()FunctionDecode an INI string.phutil_is_hiphop_runtime()Functionphutil_is_utf8()FunctionDetermine if a string is valid UTF-8.phutil_is_utf8_slowly()FunctionDetermine if a string is valid UTF-8, slowly.phutil_is_utf8_with_only_bmp_characters()FunctionDetermine if a string is valid UTF-8, with only basic multilingual plane characters. This is particularly important because MySQL's `utf8` column types silently truncate strings which contain characters outside of this set.phutil_is_windows()Functionphutil_json_decode()FunctionDecode a JSON dictionary.phutil_loggable_string()FunctionConverts a string to a loggable one, with unprintables and newlines escaped.phutil_parse_bytes()FunctionParse a human-readable byte description (like "6MB") into an integer.phutil_split_lines()FunctionSplit a corpus of text into lines. This function splits on "\n", "\r\n", or a mixture of any of them.phutil_units()FunctionConvert a human-readable unit description into a numeric one. This function allows you to replace this:phutil_utf8_console_strlen()FunctionFind the console display length of a UTF-8 string. This may differ from the character length of the string if it contains double-width characters, like many Chinese characters.phutil_utf8_convert()FunctionConvert a string from one encoding (like ISO-8859-1) to another encoding (like UTF-8).phutil_utf8_hard_wrap()FunctionHard-wrap a block of UTF-8 text with no embedded HTML tags and entities.phutil_utf8_hard_wrap_html()FunctionHard-wrap a block of UTF-8 text with embedded HTML tags and entities.phutil_utf8_is_combining_character()FunctionDetermine if a given unicode character is a combining character or not.phutil_utf8_strlen()FunctionFind the character length of a UTF-8 string.phutil_utf8_strtolower()FunctionConvert a string to lower case in a UTF8-aware way. Similar to @{function:strtolower}.phutil_utf8_strtoupper()FunctionConvert a string to upper case in a UTF8-aware way. Similar to @{function:strtoupper}.phutil_utf8_strtr()FunctionReplace characters in a string in a UTF-aware way. Similar to @{function:strtr}.phutil_utf8_ucwords()FunctionConvert a string to title case in a UTF8-aware way. This function doesn't necessarily do a great job, but the builtin implementation of `ucwords()` can completely destroy inputs, so it just has to be better than that. Similar to @{function:ucwords}.phutil_utf8ize()FunctionConvert a string into valid UTF-8. This function is quite slow.phutil_utf8v()FunctionSplit a UTF-8 string into an array of characters. Combining characters are also split.phutil_utf8v_codepoints()FunctionSplit a UTF-8 string into an array of codepoints (as integers).phutil_utf8v_combined()FunctionSplit a UTF-8 string into an array of characters. Combining characters are not split.phutil_var_export()FunctionReturns a parsable string representation of a variable.PhutilArrayClassAbstract base class for implementing objects that behave like arrays. This class wraps a basic array and provides trivial implementations for `Countable`, `ArrayAccess` and `Iterator`, so subclasses need only implement specializations.PhutilArrayTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilArray} subclasses.PhutilArrayWithDefaultValueClassArray-like object with a default value that is populated when nonexistent keys are accessed. This is particularly useful to avoid constructs like this:PhutilBufferedIteratorClassSimple iterator that loads results page-by-page and handles buffering. In particular, this maps well to iterators that load database results page by page and allows you to implement an iterator over a large result set without needing to hold the entire set in memory.PhutilBufferedIteratorTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilExampleBufferedIterator}.PhutilCallbackFilterIteratorClassNOTE: This class has the same purpose as `CallbackFilterIterator` in PHP 5.4.PhutilChunkedIteratorClassThis is an iterator version of array_chunk().PhutilChunkedIteratorTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilChunkedIterator}.PhutilDirectedScalarGraphClassConcrete subclass of @{class:AbstractDirectedGraph} which can not load any data from external sources.PhutilEditDistanceMatrixClassCompute edit distance between two scalar sequences. This class uses Levenshtein (or Damerau-Levenshtein) to compute the edit distance between two inputs. The inputs are arrays containing any scalars (not just strings) so it can be used with, e.g., utf8 sequences.PhutilEditDistanceMatrixTestCaseClassPhutilExampleBufferedIteratorClassExample implementation and test case for @{class:PhutilBufferedIterator}.PhutilExecutionEnvironmentClassGet information about the current execution environment.PhutilLunarPhaseClassCompute the phase of the terran moon for a given epoch.PhutilLunarPhaseTestCaseClassPhutilRopeClassString-like object which reduces the cost of managing large strings. This is particularly useful for buffering large amounts of data that is being passed to `fwrite()`.PhutilRopeTestCaseClassPhutilSystemClassInteract with the operating system.PhutilSystemTestCaseClassPhutilUTF8StringTruncatorClassTruncate a UTF-8 string to a some maximum number of bytes, codepoints, or glyphs.PhutilUTF8TestCaseClassTest cases for functions in utf8.php.PhutilUtilsTestCaseClassTest cases for functions in utils.php.ppull()FunctionAccess a property on a list of objects. Short for "property pull", this function works just like @{function:mpull}, except that it accesses object properties instead of methods. This function simplifies a common type of mapping operation:TestAbstractDirectedGraphClass


PhutilAmazonAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Amazon OAuth2.PhutilAsanaAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Asana OAuth2.PhutilAuthAdapterClassAbstract interface to an identity provider or authentication source, like Twitter, Facebook or Google.PhutilAuthConfigurationExceptionClassAuthentication is not configured correctly.PhutilAuthCredentialExceptionClassThe user provided invalid credentials.PhutilAuthExceptionClassAbstract exception class for errors encountered during authentication workflows.PhutilAuthUserAbortedExceptionClassThe user aborted the authentication workflow, by clicking "Cancel" or "Deny" or taking some similar action.PhutilBitbucketAuthAdapterClassPhutilDisqusAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Disqus OAuth2.PhutilEmptyAuthAdapterClassEmpty authentication adapter with no logic.PhutilFacebookAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Facebook OAuth2.PhutilGitHubAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Github OAuth2.PhutilGoogleAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Google OAuth2.PhutilJIRAAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for JIRA OAuth1.PhutilLDAPAuthAdapterClassRetrieve identify information from LDAP accounts.PhutilOAuth1AuthAdapterClassAbstract adapter for OAuth1 providers.PhutilOAuthAuthAdapterClassAbstract adapter for OAuth2 providers.PhutilPersonaAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Mozilla's Persona.PhutilPhabricatorAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Phabricator OAuth2.PhutilTwitchAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for OAuth2.PhutilTwitterAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for Twitter OAuth1.PhutilWordPressAuthAdapterClassAuthentication adapter for OAuth2.

Free Radicals

__phutil_autoload()FunctionAASTNodeClassAASTNodeListClassAASTTokenClassAASTTreeClassAn abstract abstract syntax tree.AphrontAccessDeniedQueryExceptionClassAphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnectionClassAphrontCharacterSetQueryExceptionClassAphrontConnectionLostQueryExceptionClassAphrontConnectionQueryExceptionClassAphrontCountQueryExceptionClassAphrontDatabaseConnectionClassAphrontDatabaseTransactionStateClassRepresents current transaction state of a connection.AphrontDeadlockQueryExceptionClassAphrontDuplicateKeyQueryExceptionClassAphrontIsolatedDatabaseConnectionClassAphrontMySQLDatabaseConnectionClassAphrontMySQLiDatabaseConnectionClassAphrontNotSupportedQueryExceptionClassAphrontObjectMissingQueryExceptionClassAphrontParameterQueryExceptionClassAphrontQueryExceptionClassAphrontRecoverableQueryExceptionClassAphrontSchemaQueryExceptionClassAphrontScopedUnguardedWriteCapabilityClassAphrontWriteGuardClassGuard writes against CSRF. The Aphront structure takes care of most of this for you, you just need to call:BaseHTTPFutureClassExecute HTTP requests with a future-oriented API. For example:CommandExceptionClassException thrown when a system command fails.ConduitClientClassConduitClientExceptionClassConduitClientTestCaseClassConduitFutureClasscsprintf()FunctionFormat a shell command string. This function behaves like `sprintf`, except that all the normal conversions (like "%s") will be properly escaped, and additional conversions are supported:exec_manual()FunctionExecute a command and capture stdout, stderr, and the return value.ExecFutureClassExecute system commands in parallel using futures.ExecFutureTestCaseClassExecPassthruTestCaseClassexecx()FunctionExecute a command and capture stdout and stderr. If the command exits with a nonzero error code, a @{class:CommandException} will be thrown. If you need to manually handle error conditions, use @{function:exec_manual}.FileFinderClassFind files on disk matching criteria, like the 'find' system utility. Use of this class is straightforward:FileFinderTestCaseClassFileListClassA list of files, primarily useful for parsing command line arguments. This class makes it easier to deal with user-specified lists of files and directories used by command line tools.FilesystemClassSimple wrapper class for common filesystem tasks like reading and writing files. When things go wrong, this class throws detailed exceptions with good information about what didn't work.FilesystemExceptionClassException thrown by Filesystem to indicate an error accessing the file system.FilesystemTestCaseClassFutureClassA 'future' or 'promise' is an object which represents the result of some pending computation. For a more complete overview of futures, see @{article:Using Futures}.FutureIteratorClassFutureIterator aggregates @{class:Future}s and allows you to respond to them in the order they resolve. This is useful because it minimizes the amount of time your program spends waiting on parallel processes.FutureIteratorTestCaseClassFutureProxyClassWraps another @{class:Future} and allows you to post-process its result once it resolves.hgsprintf()FunctionFormat a Mercurial revset expression. Supports the following conversions:hsprintf()FunctionFormat a HTML code. This function behaves like `sprintf()`, except that all the normal conversions (like %s) will be properly escaped.HTTPFutureClassSocket-based HTTP future, for making HTTP requests using future semantics. This is an alternative to @{class:CURLFuture} which has better resolution behavior (select()-based wait instead of busy wait) but fewer features. You should prefer this class to @{class:CURLFuture} unless you need its advanced features (like HTTP/1.1, chunked transfer encoding, gzip, etc.).HTTPFutureCertificateResponseStatusClassHTTPFutureCURLResponseStatusClassHTTPFutureHTTPResponseStatusClassHTTPFutureParseResponseStatusClassHTTPFutureResponseStatusClassHTTPFutureTransportResponseStatusClassHTTPSFutureClassVery basic HTTPS future.ImmediateFutureClassDegenerate future which returns an already-existing result without performing any computation.jsprintf()FunctionFormat a Javascript string, using JSON to export complex values. This function behaves like `sprintf`, except that all the normal conversions (like "%s") will be properly escaped, and additional conversions are supported:ldap_sprintf()FunctionFormat an LDAP string. This function behaves like `sprintf`, except that all the normal conversions (like "%s") will be properly escaped, and additional conversions are supported:LinesOfALargeClassAbstraction for processing large inputs without holding them in memory. This class implements line-oriented, buffered reads of some external stream, where a "line" is characterized by some delimiter character. This provides a straightforward interface for most large-input tasks, with relatively good performance.LinesOfALargeExecFutureClassRead the output stream of an @{class:ExecFuture} one line at a time. This abstraction allows you to process large inputs without holding them in memory. If you know your inputs fit in memory, it is generally more efficient (and certainly simpler) to read the entire input and `explode()` it. For more information, see @{class:LinesOfALarge}. See also @{class:LinesOfALargeFile} for a similar abstraction that works on files.LinesOfALargeExecFutureTestCaseClassLinesOfALargeFileClassRead the lines of a file, one at a time. This allows you to process large files without holding them in memory. In most cases, it is more efficient (and certainly simpler) to read the entire file and `explode()` it. For more information, see @{class:LinesOfALarge}. See also @{class:LinesOfALargeExecFuture}, for a similar abstraction that works on executed commands.LinesOfALargeFileTestCaseClassPhageAgentBootloaderClassPhageAgentTestCaseClassPhagePHPAgentClassPhagePHPAgentBootloaderClassphlog()Functionlibphutil log function for development debugging. Takes any argument and forwards it to registered listeners. This is essentially a more powerful version of `error_log()`.PhobjectClassBase class for libphutil objects. Enforces stricter object semantics than PHP.PHPASTParserTestCaseClasspht()FunctionTranslate a string. It uses a translator set by `PhutilTranslator::setInstance()` or translations specified by `PhutilTranslator::getInstance()->setTranslations()` and language rules set by `PhutilTranslator::getInstance()->setLocale()`.phutil_console_confirm()Functionphutil_console_format()Functionphutil_console_get_terminal_width()FunctionDetermine the width of the terminal, if possible. Returns `null` on failure.phutil_console_prompt()Functionphutil_console_require_tty()Functionphutil_console_wrap()FunctionSoft wrap text for display on a console, respecting UTF8 character boundaries and ANSI color escape sequences.phutil_error_listener_example()FunctionExample @{class:PhutilErrorHandler} error listener callback. When you call `PhutilErrorHandler::setErrorListener()`, you must pass a callback function with the same signature as this one.phutil_escape_html()Functionphutil_escape_html_newlines()Functionphutil_escape_uri()FunctionEscape text for inclusion in a URI or a query parameter. Note that this method does NOT escape '/', because "%2F" is invalid in paths and Apache will automatically 404 the page if it's present. This will produce correct (the URIs will work) and desirable (the URIs will be readable) behavior in these cases:phutil_escape_uri_path_component()FunctionEscape text for inclusion as an infix URI substring. See discussion at @{function:phutil_escape_uri}. This function covers an unusual special case; @{function:phutil_escape_uri} is usually the correct function to use.phutil_get_signal_name()FunctionReturn a human-readable signal name (like "SIGINT" or "SIGKILL") for a given signal number.phutil_implode_html()FunctionHTML safe version of `implode()`.phutil_passthru()FunctionWrapper for @{class:PhutilExecPassthru}.phutil_safe_html()FunctionMark string as safe for use in HTML.phutil_tag()FunctionRender an HTML tag in a way that treats user content as unsafe by default.phutil_tag_div()Functionphutil_unescape_uri_path_component()FunctionUnescape text that was escaped by @{function:phutil_escape_uri_path_component}. See @{function:phutil_escape_uri} for discussion.PhutilAggregateExceptionClassException that aggregates other exceptions into a single exception. For example, if you have several objects which can perform a task and just want at least one of them to succeed, you can do something like this:PhutilAllCapsEnglishLocaleClassA test locale which transforms strings into uppercase.PhutilAPCKeyValueCacheClassInterface to the APC key-value cache. This is a very high-performance cache which is local to the current machine.PhutilArgumentParserClassParser for command-line arguments for scripts. Like similar parsers, this class allows you to specify, validate, and render help for command-line arguments. For example:PhutilArgumentParserExceptionClassPhutilArgumentParserTestCaseClassPhutilArgumentSpecificationClassPhutilArgumentSpecificationExceptionClassPhutilArgumentSpecificationTestCaseClassPhutilArgumentUsageExceptionClassPhutilArgumentWorkflowClassUsed with @{class:PhutilArgumentParser} to build command line tools which operate in several modes, called "workflows", like `git`, `svn`, `arc`, `apt-get`. For example, you might build a simple calculator like this:PhutilAsanaFutureClassPhutilAWSEC2FutureClassPhutilAWSExceptionClassPhutilAWSFutureClassPhutilAWSS3FutureClassPhutilBallOfPHPClassConcatenates PHP files together into a single stream. Used by Phage to transmit bootloading code.PhutilBritishEnglishLocaleClassSerious, legitimate British English locale.PhutilBugtraqParserClassReplaces ticket or issue IDs in a block of text with links. This mechanism is based on (and compatible with) the Bugtraq system in TortiseSVN. SeePhutilBugtraqParserTestCaseClassPhutilChannelClassWrapper around streams, pipes, and other things that have basic read/write I/O characteristics.PhutilChannelChannelClassChannel that wraps some other channel. This class is not interesting on its own and just serves as a no-op proxy, but extending it allows you to compose channels to mutate their characteristics (for instance, to add protocol semantics with @{class:PhutilProtocolChannel}).PhutilChannelTestCaseClassPhutilCIDRBlockClassCIDR notation IP block, like "".PhutilCIDRListClassList of CIDR notation IP blocks, like "".PhutilCLikeCodeSnippetContextFreeGrammarClassGenerates valid context-free code for most programming languages that could pass as C. Except for PHP. But includes Java (mostly).PhutilCodeSnippetContextFreeGrammarClassGenerates non-sense code snippets according to context-free rules, respecting indentation etc.PhutilCommandStringClassPhutilConsoleClassProvides access to the command-line console. Instead of reading from or writing to stdin/stdout/stderr directly, this class provides a richer API including support for ANSI color and formatting, convenience methods for prompting the user, and the ability to interact with stdin/stdout/stderr in some other process instead of this one.PhutilConsoleFormatterClassPhutilConsoleMessageClassPhutilConsoleProgressBarClassShow a progress bar on the console. Usage:PhutilConsoleServerClassPhutilConsoleServerChannelClassPhutilConsoleStdinNotInteractiveExceptionClassThrown when you prompt the user with @{function:phutil_console_prompt} or @{function:phutil_console_confirm} but stdin is not an interactive TTY so the user can't possibly respond. Usually this means the user ran the command with something piped into stdin.PhutilConsoleSyntaxHighlighterClassSimple syntax highlighter for console output. We just try to highlight the commands so it's easier to follow transcripts.PhutilConsoleTableClassShow a table in the console. Usage:PhutilConsoleWrapTestCaseClassPhutilContextFreeGrammarClassGenerate nonsense test data according to a context-free grammar definition.PhutilCsprintfTestCaseClassPhutilCzechLocaleClassLocale for "Czech (Czech Republic)".PhutilDaemonClassScaffolding for implementing robust background processing scripts.PhutilDaemonHandleClassPhutilDaemonOverseerClassOversees a daemon and restarts it if it fails.PhutilDefaultSyntaxHighlighterClassPhutilDefaultSyntaxHighlighterEngineClassPhutilDefaultSyntaxHighlighterEnginePygmentsFutureClassPhutilDefaultSyntaxHighlighterEngineTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilDefaultSyntaxHighlighterEngine}.PhutilDeferredLogClassObject that writes to a logfile when it is destroyed. This allows you to add more data to the log as execution unfolds, while still ensuring a write in normal circumstances (see below for discussion of cases where writes may not occur).PhutilDeferredLogTestCaseClassPhutilDirectoryFixtureClassPhutilDirectoryKeyValueCacheClassInterface to a directory-based disk cache. Storage persists across requests.PhutilDivinerSyntaxHighlighterClassSimple syntax highlighter for the ".diviner" format, which is just Remarkup with a specific ruleset. This should also work alright for Remarkup.PhutilDocblockParserClassParse a docblock comment from source code into raw text documentation and metadata (like "@author" and "@return").PhutilDocblockParserTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilDocblockParser}.PhutilEditorConfigClassParser for [[ | EditorConfig]] files.PhutilEditorConfigTestCaseClassPhutilEmailAddressClassBasic email address parser. This parser is very liberal and does not attempt to be fully RFC-compliant, because trying to do so is a crazy mess. However, it should parse all reasonable addresses which are actually in use on the internet today.PhutilEmailAddressTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilEmailAddress} parser.PhutilErrorHandlerClassImprove PHP error logs and optionally route errors, exceptions and debugging information to a central listener.PhutilErrorHandlerTestCaseClassPhutilErrorTrapClassTrap PHP errors while this object is alive, so they can be accessed and included in exceptions or other types of logging. For example, if you have code like this:PhutilEventClassPhutilEventConstantsClassPhutilEventEngineClassPhutilEventListenerClassPhutilEventTypeClassPhutilExcessiveServiceCallsDaemonClassDaemon which makes a lot of service calls.PhutilExecChannelClassChannel on an underlying @{class:ExecFuture}. For a description of channels, see @{class:PhutilChannel}.PhutilExecPassthruClassExecute a command which takes over stdin, stdout and stderr, similar to `passthru()`, but which preserves TTY semantics, escapes arguments, and is traceable.PhutilFatalDaemonClassDaemon which fails immediately.PhutilFileLockClassWrapper around `flock()` for advisory filesystem locking. Usage is straightforward:PhutilFileLockTestCaseClassPhutilFileTreeClassData structure for representing filesystem directory trees.PhutilGitURIClassParser for the alternate URI scheme used by SCP and Git, which look like this:PhutilGitURITestCaseClassPhutilHangForeverDaemonClassDaemon which hangs immediately.PhutilHelpArgumentWorkflowClassPhutilHgsprintfTestCaseClassPhutilHighIntensityIntervalDaemonClassDaemon which is very busy every other minute. This will cause it to autoscale up and down.PhutilINIParserExceptionClassPhutilInRequestKeyValueCacheClassKey-value cache implemented in the current request. All storage is local to this request (i.e., the current page) and destroyed after the request exits. This means the first request to this cache for a given key on a page will ALWAYS miss.PhutilInteractiveEditorClassEdit a document interactively, by launching $EDITOR (like vi or nano).PhutilInvalidRuleParserGeneratorExceptionClassPhutilInvalidStateExceptionClassPhutilInvalidStateExceptionTestCaseClassPhutilInvisibleSyntaxHighlighterClassPhutilIPAddressClassRepresent and manipulate IP addresses.PhutilIPAddressTestCaseClassPhutilIrreducibleRuleParserGeneratorExceptionClassPhutilJavaCodeSnippetContextFreeGrammarClassPhutilJSONClassUtilities for wrangling JSON.PhutilJSONParserClassA JSON parser.PhutilJSONParserExceptionClassPhutilJSONParserTestCaseClassPhutilJSONProtocolChannelClassChannel that transmits dictionaries of primitives using JSON serialization. This channel is not binary safe.PhutilJSONProtocolChannelTestCaseClassPhutilJSONTestCaseClassPhutilKeyValueCacheClassInterface to a key-value cache like Memcache or APC. This class provides a uniform interface to multiple different key-value caches and integration with PhutilServiceProfiler.PhutilKeyValueCacheNamespaceClassPhutilKeyValueCacheProfilerClassPhutilKeyValueCacheProxyClassPhutilKeyValueCacheStackClassStacks multiple caches on top of each other, with readthrough semantics:PhutilKeyValueCacheTestCaseClassPhutilLanguageGuesserClassVery simple class to guess the languages of source files which we failed to determine by examining file name/extension rules.PhutilLanguageGuesserTestCaseClassPhutilLexerClassSlow, inefficient regexp-based lexer. Define rules like this:PhutilLexerSyntaxHighlighterClassPhutilLibraryTestCaseClassPhutilLipsumContextFreeGrammarClassPhutilLocaleClassDefines a locale for translations.PhutilLockClassBase class for locks, like file locks.PhutilLockExceptionClassPhutilLogFileChannelClassA @{class:PhutilChannelChannel} which wraps some other channel and writes data passed over it to a log file.PhutilMarkupEngineClassPhutilMarkupTestCaseClassPhutilMemcacheKeyValueCacheClassPhutilMethodNotImplementedExceptionClassAn exception thrown when a method is called on a class which does not provide an implementation for the called method. This is sometimes the case when a base class expects subclasses to provide their own implementations, for example.PhutilMetricsChannelClassA @{class:PhutilChannelChannel} which wraps some other channel and provides metrics about its use (e.g., bytes read and bytes written).PhutilMissingSymbolExceptionClassPhutilNiceDaemonClassDaemon which behaves properly.PhutilNumberClassPhutilOAuth1FutureClassProxy future that implements OAuth1 request signing. For references, see:PhutilOAuth1FutureTestCaseClassPhutilOnDiskKeyValueCacheClassInterface to a disk cache. Storage persists across requests.PhutilOpaqueEnvelopeClassOpaque reference to a string (like a password) that won't put any sensitive data in stack traces, var_dump(), print_r(), error logs, etc. Usage:PhutilOpaqueEnvelopeKeyClassHolds the key for @{class:PhutilOpaqueEnvelope} in a logically distant location so it will never appear in stack traces, etc. You should never need to use this class directly. See @{class:PhutilOpaqueEnvelope} for information about opaque envelopes.PhutilOpaqueEnvelopeTestCaseClassPhutilParserGeneratorClassSimple LR(1) parser generator. Generally, build a parser by setting terminals and rules, then calling @{method:processGrammar}. For example, here is a simple grammar which accepts one or more "a" followed by exactly one "b":PhutilParserGeneratorExceptionClassPhutilParserGeneratorTestCaseClassPhutilPayPalAPIFutureClassPhutilPersonInterfacePhutilPersonTestClassPhutilPhobjectTestCaseClassPhutilPHPCodeSnippetContextFreeGrammarClassPhutilPHPFragmentLexerClassPHP lexer which can handle fragments of source code, e.g. for syntax highlighting of inline snippets. This is largely based on Pygments, but alters some rules to better annotate symbols from source fragments.PhutilPHPFragmentLexerHighlighterTestCaseClassPhutilPHPFragmentLexerTestCaseClassPhutilPHPObjectProtocolChannelClassChannel that transmits PHP objects using PHP serialization. This channel is binary safe.PhutilPHPObjectProtocolChannelTestCaseClassPhutilPhtTestCaseClassTest cases for functions in pht.php.PhutilProcessGroupDaemonClassDaemon which spawns nonterminating, death-resistant children.PhutilProtocolChannelClassWraps a @{class:PhutilChannel} and implements a message-oriented protocol on top of it. A protocol channel behaves like a normal channel, except that @{method:read} and @{method:write} are message-oriented and the protocol channel handles encoding and parsing messages for transmission.PhutilProxyExceptionClassPrior to PHP 5.3, PHP does not support nested exceptions; this class provides limited support for nested exceptions. Use methods on @{class:PhutilErrorHandler} to unnest exceptions in a forward-compatible way.PhutilPygmentsSyntaxHighlighterClassPhutilPythonFragmentLexerClassPython lexer which can handle fragments of source code, e.g. for syntax highlighting of inline snippets. This is largely based on Pygments:PhutilQsprintfInterfaceInterfacePhutilQueryStringParserClassUtilities for parsing HTTP query strings.PhutilQueryStringParserTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilQueryStringParser} parser.PhutilRainbowSyntaxHighlighterClassHighlights source code with a rainbow of colors, regardless of the language. This highlighter is useless, absurd, and extremely slow.PhutilRawEnglishLocaleClassA test locale which displays the raw strings which are fed into the translation engine.PhutilReadableSerializerClassSerialize PHP values and objects into a human-readable format, useful for displaying errors.PhutilReadableSerializerTestCaseClassPhutilRealNameContextFreeGrammarClassPhutilRemarkupBlockInterpreterClassPhutilRemarkupBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupBlockStorageClassRemarkup prevents several classes of text-processing problems by replacing tokens in the text as they are marked up. For example, if you write something like this:PhutilRemarkupBoldRuleClassPhutilRemarkupCodeBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupDefaultBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupDelRuleClassPhutilRemarkupDocumentLinkRuleClassPhutilRemarkupEngineClassPhutilRemarkupEngineTestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilRemarkupEngine}.PhutilRemarkupEscapeRemarkupRuleClassPhutilRemarkupHeaderBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupHorizontalRuleBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupHyperlinkRuleClassPhutilRemarkupInlineBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupInterpreterBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupItalicRuleClassPhutilRemarkupLinebreaksRuleClassPhutilRemarkupListBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupLiteralBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupMonospaceRuleClassPhutilRemarkupNoteBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupQuotesBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupReplyBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupRuleClassPhutilRemarkupSimpleTableBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupTableBlockRuleClassPhutilRemarkupTestInterpreterRuleClassPhutilRemarkupUnderlineRuleClassPhutilSafeHTMLClassPhutilSafeHTMLProducerInterfaceInterfaceImplement this interface to mark an object as capable of producing a PhutilSafeHTML representation. This is primarily useful for building renderable HTML views.PhutilSafeHTMLTestCaseClassPhutilSaturateStdoutDaemonClassDaemon which dumps huge amounts of data to stdout.PhutilServiceProfilerClassSimple event store for service calls, so they can be printed to stdout or displayed in a debug console.PhutilShellLexerClassLexer for shell-like argument strings. Somewhat similar to Python's shlex.PhutilShellLexerTestCaseClassPhutilSimpleOptionsClassUtilities for parsing simple option lists used in Remarkup, like codeblocks:PhutilSimpleOptionsLexerClassLexer for simple options, like:PhutilSimpleOptionsLexerTestCaseClassPhutilSimpleOptionsTestCaseClassPhutilSocketChannelClassChannel on an underlying stream socket or socket pair. For a description of channels, see @{class:PhutilChannel}.PhutilSpriteClassNOTE: This is very new and unstable.PhutilSpriteSheetClassNOTE: This is very new and unstable.PhutilSymbolLoaderClassQuery and load Phutil classes, interfaces and functions. PhutilSymbolLoader is a query object which selects symbols which satisfy certain criteria, and optionally loads them. For instance, to load all classes in a library:PhutilSyntaxHighlighterClassPhutilSyntaxHighlighterEngineClassPhutilSyntaxHighlighterExceptionClassPhutilTestPhobjectClassPhutilTortureTestDaemonClassDaemons which misbehave in specific ways.PhutilTranslationClassPhutilTranslatorClassPhutilTranslatorTestCaseClassPhutilTwitchFutureClassPhutilTypeCheckExceptionClassPhutilTypeExtraParametersExceptionClassPhutilTypeLexerClassLexer for a simple type grammar. See @{class:PhutilTypeSpec} for a description.PhutilTypeMissingParametersExceptionClassPhutilTypeSpecClassPerform type checks using a simple type grammar. The grammar supports the following basic types:PhutilTypeSpecTestCaseClassPhutilUnknownSymbolParserGeneratorExceptionClassPhutilUnreachableRuleParserGeneratorExceptionClassPhutilUnreachableTerminalParserGeneratorExceptionClassPhutilURIClassBasic URI parser object.PhutilUrisprintfTestCaseClassPhutilURITestCaseClassTest cases for @{class:PhutilURI} parser.PhutilUSEnglishLocaleClassThe default English locale.PhutilVeryWowEnglishLocaleClassMuch locale! Very English! Wow!PhutilWordPressFutureClassPhutilXHPASTBinaryClassPhutilXHPASTSyntaxHighlighterClassPhutilXHPASTSyntaxHighlighterFutureClassPhutilXHPASTSyntaxHighlighterTestCaseClassqsprintf()FunctionFormat an SQL query. This function behaves like `sprintf`, except that all the normal conversions (like "%s") will be properly escaped, and additional conversions are supported:qsprintf_check_scalar_type()Functionqsprintf_check_type()FunctionQueryFutureClassThis class provides several approaches for querying data from the database:queryfx()Functionqueryfx_all()Functionqueryfx_one()FunctionTempFileClassSimple wrapper to create a temporary file and guarantee it will be deleted on object destruction. Used like a string to path:urisprintf()FunctionFormat a URI. This function behaves like `sprintf`, except that all the normal conversions (like "%s") will be properly escaped, and additional conversions are supported:vcsprintf()FunctionVersion of @{function:csprintf} that takes a vector of arguments.vjsprintf()Functionvqsprintf()Functionvurisprintf()FunctionXHPASTNodeClassXHPASTNodeTestCaseClassXHPASTSyntaxErrorExceptionClassXHPASTTokenClassXHPASTTreeClassXHPASTTreeTestCaseClassxsprintf()FunctionParse a `sprintf()`-style format string in an extensible way.xsprintf_callback_example()FunctionExample @{function:xsprintf} callback. When you call `xsprintf`, you must pass a callback like this one. `xsprintf` will invoke the callback when it encounters a conversion (like "%Z") in the pattern string.xsprintf_command()Function@{function:xsprintf} callback for @{function:csprintf}.xsprintf_javascript()Function@{function:xsprintf} callback for JavaScript encoding.xsprintf_ldap()Function@{function:ldap_sprintf} callback for LDAP encoding.xsprintf_mercurial()Function@{function:xsprintf} callback for Mercurial encoding.xsprintf_query()Function@{function:xsprintf} callback for encoding SQL queries. See @{function:qsprintf}.xsprintf_uri()Function@{function:urisprintf} callback for URI encoding.XsprintfUnknownConversionExceptionClass