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Feature Request: Notifications about comments on Diffs
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We have an issue where users leave comments on Diffs and the people that should respond to those comments don't get notified because the state of the diff hasn't actually changed (we look at the Active Revisions panel a lot). We then end up sending messages like "did you get a chance to look at my comment on this diff 2 days ago?" This happens more often than not and everyone forgets that they can mark the diff for further review.

I can imagine either another section in the Active Revisions panel titled "new activity" or something, or a Herald hook to take actions on comments.

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the people that should respond to those comments don't get notified

They should get notifications and email, according to their preferences. Why aren't these working in your case?

Boss-person insists on auto-emailing all of eng for every bit of activity on our install, so we've had to create a ton of email filters. However every so often mail that should've passed gets scrapped, and it's different for every person. Some people cannot deal with the deluge of email and just direct all phab email to the trash.

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Presumably, he or she has a good reason for putting this policy in place. I'd recommend talking with them about it. Maybe they haven't thought about this case.

I would look at whatever that core reason was for emailing everyone, everything. We include lots of tools with Herald, Audit, Owners, etc that should be used in place of mass-emailing.

Yea, I figured it was more on us. Their reason is:

we got a lot of email at Google so everyone was over-informed of everything. I could deal with it so you guys should too.

Thanks! Time to go have "the talk."

See also T9161. You can use ./bin/mail volume to see how much mail people are actually receiving.