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Arcanist and/or Differential should prevent code reviews from non-Phabricator repos.
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We have a bunch of git repos all hosted externally. I haven't added them all to Phabricator.

I made a change in a repo that was not yet added to Phabricator - the change was to add the .arcconfig file. So Arcanist worked, but I did NOT add the repo to Phabricator with Diffusion. Then I typed arc diff ... and created a Diffusion code review in Phabricator for a repo that didn't actually exist there.

I worked fine other than there was absolutely no mention of what repo the change was for in Differential. The review noticed this and pointed out the problem to me. Arcanist/Differential should at least warn about a missing repo - we'd probably like it to completely deny the code review.


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I think you can write a Herald rule like this:

  • HeraldCreate Herald RuleDifferential DiffsGlobal

Then, write a rule to reject diffs with no repository -- something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.31.50 PM.png (777×1 px, 109 KB)

Let me know if that works?

It's an intentional feature that you can onboard to code review very gradually (e.g., start by copy-pasting arbitrary diffs with zero setup/configuration and gradually adopt more and more of the workflow as you're ready) so there aren't many options to force installs to jump right into the deep end right now. I think Herald can cover this particular need effectively, though.

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Yep, works great. Thanks. Herald is nice. Will play with that some more. 😄