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Expand Phacility cluster repo and db tiers (add nodes: 003)
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The current pool is getting reasonably full so I'm going to add new nodes after the upgrade. See T8686 for prior maintenance.

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  • I launched repo003 and db003 in the cluster.
  • I created DNS entires for the hosts.
  • I created ddata, dbak, rdata, rbak, and rlog volumes for the hosts and attached them.
  • I created device entries for the hosts and *bak volumes.
  • I created service entries for the new repox and dbx services.
  • I used bin/remote deploy to deploy the hosts.

This time around, this all went smoothly. It still involves a fair amount of manual button clicking which I want to get rid of eventually, but no process issues.

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  • I closed the 002 services and opened the 003 services.
  • I created a new instance, verified it allocated on 003, connected to it, pushed/pulled, ran backups, etc.

Overall, lots of room left for automation, but this process seems stable and repeatable now.