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Support moving on a workboard when commenting on a Maniphest task, along with other actions
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In our workflow, we often pass tasks from person to person as they progress, and move them across the workboard at the same time. E.g. a task in "being discussed" is, indeed, discussed, and we decide to assign it to someone, at which point it moves to "ready to start". Later, when a task "being worked on" is ready for review, we assign it to a reviewer and move to "being reviewed", then it is assigned to our manager for deployment and moved to "being deployed" and then assigned by him to a tester and moved to "being tested" before being closed.

It would be helpful to be able to do the reassignment and move on the workboard in one step. Possibly doing other things also (e.g. changing the prioritisation at the same time).

So, I have two enhancements here to request:

  1. Allow "Move on Workboard" as an action for Maniphest tasks
  2. Allow multiple actions to be performed at once, not just one

I imagine it could look something like this:

mock.png (400×800 px, 27 KB)

Every time you add an action, a new "And" with a blank action is added, so you can add more.

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These are already covered by some other tasks. T4316 is commenting when editing a task, T6027 covers moving tasks to new a workboard via the edit interface. Stacking actions is M1430