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svn repo's username is different from Phabricator username, can't make a Herald rule by svn username
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I imported some svn repos from company's old machines. The svn account name is different from my Phabricator username.
I try to make a Herald which is to add reviewer while the committer is wanglun automatically, But I can't, because wanglun isn't an username in Phabricator

So, I am thinking if there is a way to bind the svn account name and Phabricator account.
Or, make the trigger rules more flexible, such as containing text?

I think binding would be better.

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What is the username from svn based on? My guess is there are a few things you could try:

  1. Add authentication to Phabricator (such as LDAP) and link it to the account you're currently using. This assumes the account you previously committed under is tied to the LDAP account.
  2. Add/update any email addresses for the account - though I'm guessing this wouldn't work since the example you gave is not an email.

we don't use LDAP. we just have different account names
for example, my phabricator username is aelam which is based on github, and my company svn username is wanglun. I can't make the two usernames base on a same email address. And I don't know the way you said LDAP . so phabricator will trade me as two different people