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Bug report: arc diff --preview produces PhabricatorDataNotAttachedException
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When running arc diff --preview, visiting the diff URL produces the following error:

Unhandled Exception ("PhabricatorDataNotAttachedException")
Attempting to access attached data on DifferentialDiff (via getBuildable()), but the data is not actually attached. Before accessing attachable data on an object, you must load and attach it.

Data is normally attached by calling the corresponding needX() method on the Query class when the object is loaded. You can also call the corresponding attachX() method explicitly.

Screenshot 2015-08-11 11.40.32.png (558×1 px, 78 KB)

Console output:

arc diff master --preview
 LINT OKAY  No lint problems.
Running unit tests...
No unit test engine is configured for this project.
 SKIP STAGING  No staging area is configured for this repository.
Created a new Differential diff:
        Diff URI:

Included changes:
  M       app/serializers/checkpoint_serializer.rb
  M       app/views/checkpoints/_form.html.haml
  A       db/migrate/20150811183024_update_extra_credit_checkpoints.rb
  M       db/schema.rb
> arc --version
arcanist 423e7d2389336430110f489e411fe0d66a25ade3 (11 Aug 2015)
libphutil 6c0118085afdc6c6802849cac363efbc76def972 (11 Aug 2015)

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What version of Phabricator are you running?

(You can determine this by running git show in phabricator/ and copying the commit hash, or in ConfigAll Settings at the top of the page.)

@epriestley currently running 5485fb8aa9e7f2652c2a15accd7da855d4179c02

You're a little out of date, can you try upgrading to HEAD (rP53ffaaa8)? I think that commit should fix this issue.

Will try that tonight, thanks. Just updated yesterday evening.

Cool. I'm going to merge this into T9128 since I think it's almost certainly the same issue and now resolved, but let us know if upgrading doesn't fix things.

Definitely fixed, thanks for the fast turnaround.