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burnup charts unclear
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It's not clear to me what the y-axis for the maniphest burnup charts are.

My intuitive assumption was that it represented the number of tasks open in a project over time.

For example, the Files chart ( under this reading would indicate that there are 38 open tasks. The workboard however shows only 27.

Am I misinterpreting the meaning of the chart or is it inaccurate?

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These are essentially deprecated for Facts.

I don't so much care about getting the reporting as much as not having bad reporting.

Is there any reason to not just remove these? Pretty much every project I checked seems on this install and mine to accumulate tasks (the burnup chart shows a higher number than the workboard). Presumably some close transactions aren't being picked up.

In problem terms:

  • Some users on my install have found these charts
  • They noticed that all the charts generally seem to be "going up"
  • Only sometimes have they noticed that the charts seem to be inaccurate.
  • Some work allocation decisions were based on these charts.
  • It's not really feasible to disable maniphest (compared to the prototype applications).

The counts are so far off that I can't imagine them being useful for people (expect to make decisions on the wrong information).

I'm sorry it's causing problems. You can:

  • Tell people to ignore it.
  • Patch it's removal.

I'm sorry we can't prioritize even given well thought out, reasoned answers to your questions. All I can say is what we always say. We're a very small team and we can only prioritize a small number of tasks at a time. We can't spend all our time on support and task updates. Facts/Reporting are very very far off our timeline. If it is something you'd like us to prioritize, we do offer those serivces.

Or I could be completely wrong and this is an easy fix. I will give it 5 minutes at least.

Yeah, understood. I was more just trying to emphasize how broken it was.

I do intend to patch it myself (basically just hide the link). Just thought I'd check if upstream had any interest.

Overlap post, but yeah. I don't want to take up your time. Would upstream be interested in a patch hiding it or should I keep it to myself?

No idea, maybe @epriestley knows what these charts are supposed to show. In burn up from reading, there should a line we're burning up to, but I don't know how or what we're guessing that number to be.

They're supposed to show open tasks.

There's no line we're burning up to because there's no maximum number of tasks.

Offhand, I'm not sure where the discrepancies come from. This UI is a hacky mess that will be obsoleted by Facts. The discrepancies may be more severe on this install (which has a lot of historical data, possibly including data in older formats) than on other installs.

This isn't a priority, so we're not interested in patches.

Is there any reason not to completely remove the Maniphest reporting charts? I don't think anyone finds them useful and as per this task, they're confusing to anyone who doesn't know their history.

When they occasionally break people complain, so I think some users find them useful.