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GitHub external provider Profile Photos are created continuously
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I'm using GitHub as an external Auth provider. Login in to my Phabricator account works fine, but I'm facing the following problem when I do so:

It looks like everytime, I'm using GitHub Provider for anything, a new file is created in my file storage, containing my GitHub profile image over and over again. When there will be more users than but one, this might very quick lead to several thousands of senseless File - Elements:

Files_list.png (564×1 px, 78 KB)

F18.png (837×1 px, 228 KB)

F20.png (837×1 px, 228 KB)

F17.png (837×1 px, 228 KB)

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I can confirm on this install, only seems to be GitHub from my limited testing.

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This report doesn't appear to describe a specific problem.

  • Refreshing your image on login is an intentional behavior. Users complained about stale images when we didn't, and no longer do.
  • Identical file data is internally deduplicated. We do not store multiple copies of the data. This is not a data storage problem.
  • A few thousand extra rows in the file table is not a scalability problem.