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tear on workboard header line
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As you can see in the attached screenshot, the horizontal line beneath the workboard header seems to tear at the workboard column boundaries.

This is on firefox 39.0. It looks fine in chrome.

My install is at head as of a few minutes ago:

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I do not see this issue on secure.phab, but I know you guys aren't always running head here.

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What OS? It doesn't look like that on my Mac local or secure.

Just checked on secure.phab on Windows and it does have the same display in Firefox. Looks fine on Internet Explorer.

This was the workboard I tried:

Oh I can reproduce it on secure.phab now depending on how zoomed in I am.

90% looks correct and 110%+ looks correct. 100% looks broken and everything less than 80% looks broken. 1920 x 1080 screen res.

chad added a comment.Jul 12 2015, 7:57 PM

It seems literally broken by half a pixel. If you use a normal display, it seems broken, if you have a hidpi display, its broken by 1/2 a pixel (and thus not noticeable). Assume Firefox is bad at maths.

FWIW, confirming that it also occurs for Firefox 38.0 on Linux Mint 17.