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Enhance Conduit API for managing projects
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Using Phabricator is really fun, but one of the things I currently miss is an ability to use the Conduit API to create projects with "advanced" parameters.
This would include setting a description / summary for the project and altering custom parameters added to the project (and maybe even setting a parent project, if T3670 is done).
Also, currently you can add projects but not delete them.
Deleting projects would also be a really welcome addition for Conduit.
Thanks for considering!

P.S: I am currently evaluating the use of Phabricator to manage the tasks of a whole Linux distribution, where each package/subcomponent would be it's own project (meaning we would have thousands of projects, but Phabricator seems to work well with that setting). For that, having a way to automatically manage the projects would be awesome! If the advanved settings can not be set on creating the project, a separate query to edit the project after creation would work too.

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