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Provide Assistive/Accessible UI options in User Settings
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This is a container task to gauge interest in Phabricator providing more options for users with accessibility needs, specifically on the UI front. It should encompass:

  • Larger default fonts
  • High Contrast (dark / light) or (light / dark)

From a backend perspective, this means Celerity will need to build and generate multiple CSS packages. Design wise, new variables need to be produced for whitetext, blacktext, whitebackground, smallerfont, normalfont, largerfont, so packaging in minimal work.

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@epriestley, the high contrast boxes here are purple, but are not in my sandbox. Can't figure a reason why.

They're cached: when you update a Postprocessor without touching CSS, that doesn't dirty the caches, so this server still has a cached version of my old colors. It'll fix itself eventually, but I can look at making it smarter.

epriestley claimed this task.

I think this is covered, now?

Yeah, I had left it open in case of feedback, but I've been using (larger font) for a while and it works great. I'll just have one minor diff on Conpherence menus.