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Feature Request: Make it easy to collapse machine-generated files
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At my company, we have some machine-generated config files (eg, CloudFormation json templates generated from code) that we check into git (and, thus, include in our code reviews). We want to do this for traceability purposes.

However, while we want these files to be in version control, and we want people to be able to review them, the default workflow is not to review them. Usually, when I'm doing a code review, I will use the View Options > Collapse File option for each of those machine-generated config files.

It would be great if there were a way to do that programmatically. Eg, I would want to specify somewhere that any file in a certain directory is unimportant, so diffs of that file should start out collapsed by default.


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This is already supported; See, for example, D13261#d77999bc

One way to do it via the differential.generated-paths config option.
The other way is to add the string @generated in the file, which makes differential recognize it.

Ooh, that's wonderful. Thanks! Sorry that I missed that.