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Email Notification Settings for New Projects and Tasks
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The only thing I want to get email notifications about is if there are new projects or new tasks that are assigned to me.

Currently, I don't know if that's possible from the settings that are available.

For instance, is this covered by "A task's status changes." ? Because that's not what I want - if it moves from Picked Up to In Progress, I don't want to get an email about that.

Or, is it "Other task activity not listed above occurs" - if so, what the heck else am I signing up for?

Really, for all of the sections, I just want to know if "XXXXXXX is created" and have that trigger an email. Some of them have this option for "XXXXXXX is deleted", but none have them for being created.

This seems like a really obvious one to me, as getting too much spam and having poor notification management is something that everybody who we have signed up for Phabricator has complained about.

Please fix soon!


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For instance.. your action there just gave me an email I didn't want. But I guess you guys must know this, already.