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Implement mentions in Pholio
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Test: M47. This mention will not show up in pholio's timeline view.

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This is probably a one-line implements PhabricatorMentionableInterface on PholioMock.

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In the Pholio application, the Pholio Paste object is defined in the PholioMock class. In the class definition, you can see PholioMock extends the PholioDAO class and implements a bunch of interfaces. Mentions can be implemented by adding PhabricatorMentionableInterface along with the others. To test:

  • Create a Pholio Mock
  • Open an existing object like a Maniphest task
  • Add a comment that contains a mention of the Pholio Mock (either M123 or {M123} should work)
  • Refresh the Pholio Mock detail view
  • RESULT: Pholio Mock timeline feed should have an entry for a mention of the mock
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