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Add agenda and minutes to meeting calendar events
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I'd like to document meeting agendas and results in Phabricator, so I have everything in one place. The calendar module's description field unfortunately does not support any text formatting, so it cannot be used for writing a readable agenda text with bullet points or sections.
There is also no clear place for adding meeting minutes, except for the comment section, which may be inappropriate for recording results and decisions, since anyone can write something there and the minutes may get lost in the conversation stream.

Adding agenda text to meeting calendar events
It would be nice to have either an additional text field for meeting agendas, or a checkbox that turns the description text box into an agenda with full support for text formatting.

Adding meeting minutes later
When the meeting took place it should be possible to add the minutes to a dedicated text box that belongs to the calendar event.

OpenProject has a usable work flow for that kind of stuff:

  1. Create a new meeting
    1. Pick a date and time
    2. Set title
    3. Write an agenda with bullet points, sections etc.
  2. Attend meeting in real life
  3. Close meeting in OpenProject
    1. This automatically copies the agenda text into the minutes text box
    2. User can edit minutes and add the results under each bullet point or section
  4. Done

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The lack of formatting in the text area is a bug, tracked in T8032. The intent is for it to always format. Would that be satisfactory?

I'm glad that comments can be searched, so I guess that my company can use them for writing minutes. So, yes, that's satisfactory :-)

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I could see (maybe) adding custom fields support to events some day and otherwise sounds like T8032 is going to solve this for us for now. :D

Custom fields would be great, also for adding stuff like location & room