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File maniphest tasks via email and reply back with task #
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Sending email to bugreport@ doesn't reply back with the task #, so I and all users on the email have to go search for the bug.

I'm cc'ed on hundreds of bugs. The workflow I'm thinking about is forwarding a feedback email to create a task, everyone who is cc'ed can't jump in and comment, either by clicking through or replying to the email. They have to go into maniphest and search for the bug (which may not be created yet, there's a delay), or maybe they'll get a cc email, but it'll have a different subject line that they can't star before it arrives. Simply, filing a maniphest task by email creates a thread that is left dangling when it could be a useful reference.

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I sort of presume this to be covered by T5791, but also, do you have "self actions" on and are not getting a n email back? You should with that email preference on.

I can't tell if it's covered by that T5791, I haven't read it closely yet.

But no, self actions don't solve this problem because the email phabricator sends back has a different subject line than the one I sent, so it doesn't thread in gmail. I'd love to be able to email maniphest and star my own sent message, so that when the bug has been filed several minutes later, I can quickly and easily find it. I'm often filing a dozen bugs at once, and I will have forgotten which one I wanted to return to by the time I've finished. With self-actions enabled, I'd have to wade through that dozen emails to find it again.

And specifically, if I turned self-actions on, I would get hundreds of emails a week that I don't have to take action on, they're just noise, and it would drown out the activities of others that I do have to respond to. This particular case, of filing a bug by email, is unique because I can't easily get from the email I sent to the bug itself in order to add some detail after it's been filed. Often if I realize I need to add something to the bug right away, I'll open maniphest, construct a search that will find the bug when it's gone through email, and refresh once a minute until it appears or I forget. It's clunky.

I don't know then if this if even possible if threading back to the original email is the requirement, but T5791 should still likely be the starting point. Maybe @epreistley has better ideas here.

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