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Hovering over "Edit" dialog for inline comments which are replies to right-hand-side inline comments shows reticle on wrong side of diff
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Apparent repro steps:

  • Create an inline comment on the right side of a diff.
  • Use "reply" to reply to it.
  • Edit your reply.
  • Hover over the edit dialog.


  • Reticle appears on correct side (right).


  • Reticle appears on left.

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This reproduces for me at HEAD:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.32.17 AM.png (629×1 px, 54 KB)

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This no longer reproduces for me at HEAD of master.

I suspect it was resolved by the series of changes associated with T12616. Particularly, inlines are now much more self-contained and much less entangled with piles of weird global state.