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Updating a Phabricator installation to a known point
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When updating a local installation of Phabricator, it would be nice to be able to take the changes up to and including those described in a given (or the most recent) changelog, without taking more-recent changes that are not yet documented in a changelog.

Would it be reasonable to use git tags for this purpose?

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We don't plan start tagging or otherwise versioning Phabricator in the near future. Some tangential discussion in T4200.

I generate the changelogs on day boundaries using commands like git log --oneline --since 2015.05.01 --until 2015.05.07, so changelogs always end at midnight PST. Informally, you can update Phabricator, libphutil and Arcanist to the most recent commit before midnight PST on the end day a changelog covers to pick up those specific changes without picking up additional changes.