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Batch Conpherence emails so that heavy conversations don't email spam
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During conversations that have lots of short messages, Conpherence sends lots of emails (even if the user has Phabricator open). I don't necessarily want to turn off email notifications for the Conpherence because I still want to get emails when people send messages after a period of inactivity, but during group conversations I don't want to get an email for every message.

Instead Conpherence should batch new messages together, based on the activity. I think something like this could be reasonable:

  • After a period of frequent messages, send a summary 5 minutes after the first message started. This is so that if a conversation is happening, users will be notified that there's an active conversation happening and can then choose to participate in it.
  • After a period of frequent messages followed by inactivity, send a summary email of the activity conversation that was had. This is so that users not participating in the conversation can read what happened via email later.

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T5791 and T7004 are both options to solve this problem.