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Colour a Task's related Differential link text based on Differential state
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Currently any Task that shows the set of Differentials only changes the text to indicate a Differential is open or closed. It would be helpful to also include a visual indicator that a Differential has been Accepted or Rejected. Ideally, an icon beside the link / anchor text or changing the anchor text's colour to green (accepted) red (needs revision / rejected).

Changing the colour of the Differential link based on the Differential's state would be helpful to avoid users from clicking into a specific differential to be aware of its accepted or rejected state.

I'm not sure if other states that people would be interested in, say commented, but I felt those two states were, selfishly, important to me above any others.

I have a proof of concept which changes the text of the generated link of the Differential Task, which I can provide, assuming there is interest in this particular feature.

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