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large file upload OOMs
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I attempted to upload a 250MB file by dragging it into a ticket comment field. The upload progressed normally, but after it hit 100%, I got a popup in the lower left with a nasty 502 Bad Gateway error. I can see from system logs that phabricator allocated a lot of memory suddenly, possibly consuming as much as 2GB (it happened so suddenly that I don't have any metrics data).

We have phabricator running on an EC2 c4.xlarge which has 7.5GB of memory. About 2GB of memory is available (cache + free).

For reference, our max file upload size setting is 512MB.

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Nope! We actually hope to get to HEAD sometime this week. Feel free to resolve this for now if you think it's fixed in HEAD, and I'll give it a go once we upgrade and reopen if necessary.

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Yeah, this should be fixed at HEAD for most workflows, see:

The expectation is that we now support arbitrarily large file uploads with constant memory usage if you have any storage engine configured to allow files at least 4MB in size.

Docs should be updated too. For some edge cases, see T5187.

Let us know if you still have issues after upgrading.

Yup, totally works on HEAD. Thanks!

BTW, if I could figure out where the "uploading chunks" message comes from, I'd totally change it to "hurling chunks" in non-serious mode. Just sayin'.