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Configure what counts as a "dangerous change"
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Our workflow involves users creating feature branches and deleting them after they land in the release branch. Branch deletes are flagged as a dangerous change so our options today are to disable that (and risk --force hell) or periodically disable it, prune branches, and enable again. Not ideal.

I propose we allow repo admins to configure what counts as dangerous.

Checkbox config to allow specific subsets of dangerous operations.

  • Allow branch deletions?
  • Allow tag updates?

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You can configure branch-level protection by allowing dangerous changes and then writing a Herald rule to protect specific branches. For example:

For: Commit Hook: Branches/Tags/Bookmarks
Type: Global
When [all of] these conditions are met:
  [Ref type][is][branch]
  [Ref name][is][master]
  [Ref change type][has bit][dangerous change]
Take these actions:
  [Block change with message:][You can not rewrite or delete "master".]

You can be more or less specific about which actions you allow, and you can use "Ref name matches regexp" to match a bunch of branches with a single rule. You can also write rules which let some users delete branches (e.g., more experienced users) but not others (e.g., prevent new hires or bots from doing --force pushes).

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Well that was fast... And sounds perfect. Thanks!