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Way to hide/collapse inline comments in differential, inline presentation suggestion
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Many of our users preference the use of inlines for conversation in regards to the referenced section of code over doing it in the top feed since even if we keep it to no more then 100 ncsl per review multiple topics on different segments can spawn and doing all that conversation in the top can cause confusion.

Because of this the code diffs can become quite large and spaced out by the inlines.
In this case a way to hide/collapse the inlines would be very useful especially if you just want to look over the code without having to scroll through all the inline replies.

In a perfect world the inlines would actually be reference points(little icon with a number at the center) and when clicked would display either a pop-up of the discussions or a feed off to the left similar to how the file tree is presented and could be made as a config option but I would assume that would take a decent bit of work to do.

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T5654 and T7447 most closely approximate this task. I'm not sure if we had those features you'd have need for this. Specifically T7447 would, when the author addressed all comments and updated the diff, present a clean UI with indicators of older discussion points.

You are mostly right, my problem is that I have users that are used to Code Collaborator which presents comments in a left frame and present pins on the code diff to represent where a comment/discussion started and a lot of them find the inline off-setting of code as messy and basically wanted to at least hide it.

I guess I'll just throw in some code to get the desired effect for now and keep an eye on the two tasks you mentioned.
Thanks for your hard work on Phabricator, your code is very impressive.

P.S. I'm trying to pull them to Differential because Code Collaborator has little/terrible integration with existing environments and losses any tracking metadata for a git environment that would link commits to reviews.