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One of my coworkers brought this up and I couldn't find an existing task. It would be cool if the left side when not on the home page had mini icons for getting to other applications or hovering over the phabricator logo dropped down a list of apps. Just something so that you didn't have to keep going back to the homepage in order to get anywhere else.

Apologies if there's a setting for this and we're just missing it.

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We had this about two years ago and received a lot of negative feedback about it. We don't have any plans to pursue it again.

I use search for this, the apps are in the typeahead.

No worries about talking to us. Please do take a look at this article, in particular this section:

In this case, it would be nice to get some color to the navigation difficulties people are facing, which I assume is the problem behind this proposed solution. Thanks!

Whoops, I forgot we used to have something like this. I'm still interested in specific navigation issues though!

I guess the issue is just that it takes an extra page load to get from one place to another. Everything has to go through the homepage.

I didn't think about using the search box. That's a nice shortcut, though it's maybe not quite as fast since you have to type and click.

Press "?" on any page to see the keyboard shortcuts.
Press "/" to focus the search box on any page.

Hmm, yeah navigating via search box isn't too bad. Maybe it would be better if your pinned apps were listed first? If I try to get to maniphest I have to type out "mani" before it's at the top of the list. Not a big deal but a little more convenient.

Have you set up dashboards yet? That solves many cross application navigation needs.

Yeah, we have a nice dashboard going but that's just a homepage thing right?

Without understanding the core issue your users are facing, we can only guess at a solution.

In general dashboards solve the problem of navigation between vastly different areas of Phabricator in one place. So if you want to go from reviewing a diff to a project workboards or tasks that need triaged, those links are just one click away, just as they would be with any persistent app navigation.

So after talking more, here are the main issues:

  1. If you're in a maniphest task and want to jump to a (unrelated) code review, you have to click the logo to load the homepage and then click on differential. It sounds like we can use the search box to solve this, but let me know if there's a better way.
  2. If you are in any app, you lose the nice numbers on the differential icon of reviews waiting for your input. He's going to switch to in-app notifications to deal with that.
  1. Should be covered by Dashboards, or even the default homepage we ship. It approximates what you'd see by visiting the individual application homepages. Basically, whatever diff they want to go to next should be on the homepage in most cases (ie, they are assigned or blocking).
  1. Don't have a decent answer, but sounds like you have a good workaround.