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Upload progress is unreadable when editing a comment and uploading files
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Thought I'd report this before our instance of phabricator ( got updated...

  1. Create a task...
  2. Add some comments
  3. Edit a comment, drag some files to upload
  4. The green notification window that pops up in the lower left hand corner is impossibly hard to read...

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shot-2015-02-23_21-13-34.png (768×1 px, 99 KB)

Nothing here has changed, it's the same size it's always been.

(oooh, it notifies me on the page about the task being updated...!)

No, no. When a comment is being edited and a file is also dragged into the window to be uploaded (remember, everything behind the comment window is white) the upload box in the lower left hand corner is still being displayed as if the edit box wasn't there.

shot-2015-02-23_21-13-34e.png (120×377 px, 4 KB)

download.jpg (243×207 px, 11 KB)

Oh, I also wanted to mention that I like this new font.
So crisp. My eyes. Ah.
It was your doing, wasn't it, @chad?

chad triaged this task as Low priority.Feb 24 2015, 4:10 AM
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