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Arc land includes reviewers which have not accepted the revision
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how to reproduce

  • create a new diff as user1
  • add 2 reviewers: user2 and user3
  • user2 accepts the revision
  • user1 merges the diff with "arc land"

git log" shows "Reviewed by: user2, user3"

user3 did not agree to the patch and maybe even has concerns

do not add users to reviewed by if they haven't accepted the revision or add a "(unaccepted)" hint after the username.

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Are you sure it says "Reviewed by: user2, user3", not "Reviewers: user2, user3"?

The expectation is that there are two fields, "Reviewers" and "Reviewed by". The "Reviewers" field lists everyone who was asked to review the revision. The "Reviewed by" field lists users who actually did. We retain both fields because "Reviewers" can be helpful independent of "Reviewed by".

I can not reproduce this issue as described. For example, in rPebcab8ed, I added btrahan and joshuaspence as reviewers. Only btrahan accepted it, and only btrahan appears as "Reviewed by". Both users appear under "Reviewers".

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Doesn't sound like this reproduces at HEAD.

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OMG, sorry for wasting your time! epristley is actually right. I've somehow managed to mix up "Reviewers" and "Reviewed By" in the log....