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non-admin user can't log in - OAuth Error Code: invalid_client
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I set up and am the admin, with username mbaker / email

One of my colleagues set up an account as spharris, email

I have at set to allow from

But when he goes to the instance, it gives him the following error:

OAuth: Not Authorized
You are not authorized to authenticate.
OAuth Error Code: invalid_client

He tried opening a private window and logging directly into (instead of possibly going through No dice.

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You need to explicitly add him as a member of your instance. Go to Phacility HomeInstances(Your Instance)Invite Members to invite him.

There isn't currently a feature like "automatically add anyone with a verified email address", and I think we'd need some gating around it if we did build it (e.g., to prevent people from auto-adding all addresses), but it's something we could build. Is that something you'd want, or is inviting users explicitly good enough?

The actual error should be more useful than it is. T7173 discusses this; eventually the error message will say something like "You don't have permission to log in to this instance. An instance administrator needs to add you as a member of the instance before you can log in."

We could also do a better job of leading you to "Invite Members" after an instance is created. There's a lot of stuff on that first screen, but "Invite Members" is probably where almost everyone wants to go either first or second (after visiting the instance to check it out and set things up). We could probably have a hint that displayed on the instance details screen until your instance has at least 2 members without getting in anyone's way.

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Ok, thanks, that works. That was not obvious at all, though, since some work needs to be done on the instance and some on this higher level of

Yeah, we'll take a look at improving this. It's definitely not as obvious as it could be. Thanks for the feedback!

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