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Cannot delete Phriction document
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Some time ago I created a Phriction document called Projects. Today I tried to rename it but I got following error:

A stub document can not be deleted.

When I checked more carefully I saw that the document page is missing Delete button:

I think it might be related to some database corruption or maybe the name Projects is a reserved keyword or something?
Any tips how to remove/rename this page?
I'm on 37e534c5f8a65978533d43907290b04c3f3b6e0e phabricator commit.

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projects used to be a keyword, with all sorts of automagical hooks between Projects and the wiki. This has been deprecated.

You should be able to delete any stubbed document by saving some content to it and then the "delete" stuff should appear.

The wiki could certainly use some love, but turns out at this time you can't make stubbed documents anymore so there's not really a general fix for any users impacted and I'd expect the number to be close to 0 in real terms anyway.

Thanks for the tip. I successfully deleted the document.

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I also had the same problem and solved in the same way!...