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Make file uploads all-user visible by default
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Currently, uploaded files default to private visibility (only the uploader can view them). One use case where this comes into play is the case of a team landing page with headshots for each member of the team. What typically happens is that a user will upload a headshot, insert it in the wiki page, verify that it looks good, and then move on. Other users, however, will only see a bunch of broken image placeholders (e.g. "\{F1234, height=60, width=60\}") since they are unauthorized to view the image. This seems to be a pretty counter-intuitive default judging by how often this occurs, and since Phriction is primarily a tool for collaboration rather than data storage there doesn't seem to be much of a downside to making visibility default to the "All Users" level.

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Not sure I understand the issue, can you not set it to All Users by default already?

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@epriestley the most recent commit hash is: 19db3fbb605cd1f304927a9c094098bdcbdce517. It's a few months behind.

I don't administer the instance at my workplace, so this may be a configuration issue on our end.

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This stuff was fixed in connection with T4029. That work happened in late October / early November, and your install (Oct 8) predates it. I expect that things work as you expect them to at HEAD. Let us know if you still see issues with new files after updating.