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Conduit - add method to create Herald rules for a project
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Hi guys,

In the Conduit API, there is a method to create a project. It would be very nice to have a method to create herald rules for a project so that it will be possible to create and configure project via scripts.

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Oops, I'm sorry. I'll try to explain better what my team and I are trying to do :

On our project, for each release, we have a lot of evolutions coming from our client. We use Phabricator to review our code. We want to create a project on Phabricator for each evolution. The problem is : creating the projects and setting all the rules are taking a lot of time.
So, we thought about creating a project and the rules via a batch script using the Conduit API. We found that we can create a project with the API but not the rules. We are dreaming about a new method in the Conduit API for creating rules :)

T3670 will provide a cleaner and more general solution by letting you write one rule against the superproject (like #client) and have it automatically apply to subprojects.

After checking with my team, the main need is to assign automatically the review to a specific team member because we know who will review the commits before coding.That's why we create a rule for each evolution to assign automatically the review to the right person.

Do we do it right ? Do you have a best-practice ?