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Edit Commit feature in Diffusion edits the wrong commit
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Navigating to a Diffusion commit, and selecting the option to edit that commit, can in some circumstances bring you to the edit page for a descendant of that commit.

To reproduce:
Create a Diffusion repository. Make two commits directly via git, (...a1) and (...b2). b2 is HEAD and a1 is its parent.
Navigate to /r....a1. Select "Edit Commit". Note that the browser navigates to /diffusion/.../commit/...a1/edit/
But the breadcrumbs show <Diffusion Icon> -> <Repo Name> -> ...b2. Editing the fields and hitting save does indeed modify ...b2, not ...a1 as expected.

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This worked before. I guess it was broken with recent changes to how diffusion urls are parsed to create nicer 404 pages for non-existing commits. But maybe I'm completely wrong.