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Linter for Diviner
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It would be nice to have a linter for Diviner markup (I guess this is Remarkup?). We have started using Diviner to write some internal documentation and it would be good to have a linter to ensure consistency.

Some examples of things that could be linted:

  • Use of ` in favor of ##.
  • Spacing within [[ ... | ... ]].
  • Spacing around titles, such as = ... =.
  • Use of = ... = instead of # ... for headings.
  • Consistent usage of - versus * for unordered lists.
  • Use of # for ordered lists (as opposed to hardcoding numbers).
  • Consistent indentation.

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I think that the warnings generate by Diviner (I don't believe these are surfaced in the UI currently) should be moved to a Diviner linter.