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Schemata error un upgrade
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Hi; When applying the schema changes I get this error:

`# /var/www/phabricator/bin/storage adjust
Verifying database schemata...
Found no adjustments for schemata.

Target Error
phabricator_maniphest.phabricator_correction Surplus
phabricator_repository.repository_commitdata_backup Surplus


The schemata have serious errors (detailed above) which the adjustment
workflow can not fix.

If you are not developing Phabricator itself, report this issue to the

If you are developing Phabricator, these errors usually indicate that your
schema specifications do not agree with the schemata your code actually

Please let me know what additional information you might need to troubleshoot this issue.


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Did you (or someone else) add those tables? I don't think they are from Phabricator.

Thanks for the quick response!!

I didn't add them, but I will ask the rest of my team and let you know.

Please allow a day to hear back from me.

Thanks Again!

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Yes, @chad is correct -- these are not Phabricator tables.

If you want to create a "backup" copy of a table, you can create a database like my_backups and put it there, instead of in the phabricator_maniphest database.

You are awesome!

Thanks for your support. I will delete those tables.

Many thanks! :)

The guys from phabricator suggested that I could safetly delete the tables.

I will do this tonight.

Just a closure note: I removed the mentioned tables and the upgrade/verification went smoothly