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Arc land should have a settable default for --hold.
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I bet this can be solved with an alias, but it would be neat if you could specify a default to not automatically push changes when executing arc land.

We have a repository structure where commits cascade from one release to the next via a series of merges, i.e. previousRelease_bugfix merges into currentRelease, which merges into master. This means there is some extra footwork that's needed between the time I commit a change and the time I push it, and I blow right by it about ½ the time because I forget to specify --hold as one of the parameters.

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I just realized that it would be even cooler if we could extend arc land with our own custom extra processing so that arc land is all I need to do and it will do the right thing depending on the project/branch I'm in.

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We don't plan to support this. Use arc alias, shell aliases, or wrapper scripts.