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Exception when moving wiki document
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When trying to move a document to the parent folder, I have the exception :

[Wed Dec 03 13:55:27.177507 2014] [:error] [pid 3474] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Process exited with an open transaction! The transaction will be implicitly rolled back. Calls to openTransaction() must always be paired with a call to saveTransaction() or killTransaction().' in /home/phabricator/libphutil/src/aphront/storage/connection/AphrontDatabaseTransactionState.php:69\nStack trace:\n#0 [internal function]: AphrontDatabaseTransactionState->__destruct()\n#1 {main}\n  thrown in /home/phabricator/libphutil/src/aphront/storage/connection/AphrontDatabaseTransactionState.php on line 69

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magnetik created this task.Dec 3 2014, 12:55 PM
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Usually, the message which appears before this one in the log is more diagnostically useful. Is there a previous error?

Nope nothing before in apache error log.

chad added a subscriber: chad.Dec 3 2014, 8:02 PM

I haven't been able to reproduce anything. Does it happen consistently on your install?

btrahan added a subscriber: btrahan.

I also can't reproduce. I made this structure


if I try to move /w/page/page/ to /w/page/ I get an error message about how I can't move the page since the page exists already.

magnetik added a comment.EditedDec 4 2014, 7:24 AM

The file is : /w/memo/aws/stacks/Stacks
Trying to move to: /w/aws/stacks/

Nothing in the hierarchy "/w/aws/stacks/Stacks" exists already.

BUT, moving the document to /w/stacks/ does work

btrahan claimed this task.Dec 4 2014, 6:06 PM

I think this is related to T6651 in that this operation doesn't behave nicely if there's no hierarchy already.

btrahan triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 11 2014, 9:57 PM