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Allow per-board filtering of tasks
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We are trying to use the workboards feature in Projects. I have created 5 columns. They are:

  • Backlog (the default)
  • Selected
  • In Progress
  • Done
  • Released

The default is to filter the board by open items. So, when you close/resolve a task, it drops off the board. The only way to move it to the "Done" board is to set the task filter to "All". But, this then shows a lot of stuff in the backlog that I don't want to see.

It would be nice if a filter setting could be done per board so that resolved items will be displayed on the "Done" and "Released" board, but "won't fix" items won't display in the backlog.

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Do you really need per board filters, or just a switch that says to show closed tasks? has more information on what we look for in feature requests.

There is already a filter for the whole board that has the following options: open, all, assigned to me and custom. But, it applies to all boards. If you show "all" so you can see the items on my "Done" board, then you see tasks on the backlog that are marked as "won't fix", etc. It seems to me that when working with boards, you only want to see "open" tasks in the backlog (after all, it's not really in the backlog if you aren't going to ever work on it). But, you want to see what's marked as resolved on the "Done" board. A per board filter seems like the best way to accomplish this. If there is a better way, please let me know. Thanks.

The current filter is per user, meaning you set it and get results, but when you come back to the board it's reset back to the default.

Per column filters would work the same way, that is, it wouldn't be permanent to other viewers, they would just execute on individual columns.

Per column queries, which is what you seem to be asking for (each column is based on a saved Maniphest Query), seems overly complex and difficult to implement and explain to multiple board users what all is happening in each column. I'm not convinced this complexity is needed, at least we'd want to see many other use cases first.

My suggestion, based on what you've stated your desired outcome, would be to add an per column option of also showing closed tasks. That way you could have a Backlog column that does not, and a Done column that does.

T5558 covers our plan of attack to improving Project pages in general, which will likely be build your own Dashboard (which would be powered by saved Maniphest queries).

I agree it seems a bit difficult and complex to implement. But, the basic problem is that Phabricator applies the same filter to all tasks on the workboard. And almost by definition you want a workboards columns to show tasks as they are moving through a workflow (which often times involves changing the state of a task). All in all, I'm very pleased with Phabricator. But, one area that seems a bit less mature than others are the workboards. To me, this is just one example. Again, great project. Thanks for your consideration.

I am saying the same thing as you, I just don't see a need to build every filter, just "All" and "Open". Does that make more sense?

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We don't currently plan to support this, but see T5474 for binding workflows to columns more tightly. We may also implement some sort of "done" column, but likely only if T5474 is insufficient on its own.