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Code blocks not displayed in monospaced fashion in Firefox
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Example is displayed wrong in FF 33.0

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I am not able to reproduce this on Firefox 33. Showing Firefox and Chrome for comparison.

pasted_file (523×917 px, 503 KB)

FF says it uses DejaVu Sans system font. This is <pre></pre> area, so only monospaced font should be used.
As I understand from , only some DejaVu fonts are monospaced (ex. DejaVu Sans Mono), and one used by FF isn't.

This looks like a bug in FF. I am on FreeBSD, you might be on different system, so behavior is different.

ff30-phabricator-monospace.png (667×1 px, 100 KB)

Thanks, I've found we also have a bug at T6109 which I've submitted a diff for. At least, once it lands you should be able to force your font choice even if FF doesn't recognize it as 'monospace'.

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