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file upload broken after phabricator upgrade
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With recent updates, it complains a setup issue while previous everything worked well.

Only a upgrade caused the trouble.

Local Disk Storage Not Readable/Writable

Configured location for storing uploaded files on disk ("/phab/web/files/") does not exist, or is not readable or writable. Verify the directory exists and is readable and writable by the webserver.

Unhandled Exception ("PhutilAggregateException")

However, the location is readable and writable, even chmod -R 777.

When try to do upload, it pops up a message,

All storage engines failed to write file:

  • PhabricatorLocalDiskFileStorageEngine: CommandException: Command failed with error #1!

    COMMAND mkdir -p '/phab/web/files/56/b5' STDOUT (empty)

    STDERR mkdir: cannot create directory `/phab/web/files/56/b5': Permission denied

$ cd /phab/web/files/56/
$ sudo su -s /bin/sh nginx -c "mkdir -p '/phab/web/files/56/b5' "
$ ls -lh
total 4K
drwxr-xr-x. 2 nginx nginx 4.0K Nov 17 16:52 b5

but webserver fails

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I replied to your ticket on Github.

@chad , mind if I ask what the reply was? We had a similar transient issue that I'm trying to debug, and it looks like you've disabled Issues on Github since this ticket was created.

I've hunted around for another ticket or explanation, but haven't been able to track anything down yet.


I didn't resolve the issue for them, this was their response:

pasted_file (164×685 px, 26 KB)

That makes sense; probably not the same issue we were having, then.

We had a similar error on a single image file, while every other file was uploading fine, including resaved copies of the affected file. About ten minutes later, the issue resolved itself and we haven't been able to reproduce it.

I guess we'll chalk it up to 'strange non-reproducible issues'; maybe our systems were acting up.


Wow I feel the same way as @lunderwood. The problem is that it now happened for the third time and users send me screenshots of how their upload didn't work. But the permissions are all correctly set up. But then it works again after some time. It's a bit frustrating.