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Make differential unsubmitted comments more obvious
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Every new team member we add gets bitten in Differential by the fact that they can reply inline to code review comments and miss the subtle "not yet submitted" text next to every comment. It is not obvious to them that if they have no overall comments they still need to scroll to the bottom and press submit.

Some solution to make that more obvious or auto submit would be a good thing.

Would it be possible to have a popup that says "You have unsubmitted comments. Do you really want to leave the page?" on exit?

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Thanks @btrahan

Tangentially related, in case it is not obvious as a regular user, but changing default visibility would likely cut your "close as dupe" workload.

I did search for a dupe before submitting but making tickets visible only to users means you don't get to search them before creating an account.

Our default is Public, but there exist tasks before that option existed and we may have missed converting some.