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Tasks have "citation lists" which link back to all of their references in other parts of Phabricator
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Frequently in my use of Phabricator I will write out stories in mockups or wiki pages as to the use of various tasks. These stories are littered with task references in order to clarify how each component of the story might be accomplished. They also form a lot of primary documentation for how the task should be interpreted and what "done" might mean.

Unfortunately, unless I manually create backlinks in the task description all of this information is difficult to access when reviewing tasks. It would be nice if internal links to tasks were thus documented on the task page itself.

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See T4036 - we added the functionality we intend for this use and this will provide a meta example. =D T4036 will now have a "mentioned on T6401" transaction. Similarly, if in a mock you referenced TX then TX would get a "mention in mock Y" transaction. We do not plan to expand this functionality out further.

Phriction currently doesn't work correctly as it has some infrastructure debt as one of our older apps but iirc every other application should work correctly now. Note we plan to update this Phriction infrastructure relatively soon because it creates all sorts of little weird behavior problems like this and they all get resolved for free as part of that work. Further, it sets us up to be able to further Phriction enhancements without piling up even more technical debt. See T4029 for the best task to track that Phriction work.

Cool, that's basically perfect once it works with Phriction. Will links established prior to Phriction getting up to speed be ported?

No plans on porting things. However, these sort of links will be added on "save" so theoretically any edit and they'll start showing up.

How does that work on edits? Each time the document is saved the links will "re-reference"?

Under the hood, an edge will be created the first time any given object is mentioned, be it via create, edit, whatever. Subsequent edits can not impact this relationship.