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Set visible/editable fields to first project policy by default when creating new tasks
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We are are in the process of moving from Trac to Phabricator and have the need for client-restricted projects which is described and could be addressed by T3820.

As an interim solution until namespaces or something similar is in place, we are planning to implement a small JavaScript patch in our local phabricator in the task creation interface to automatically set the Visible by and Editable by fields to the policy of the *first* project assigned to the task if there is one. If the user explicitly changes the editable by or visible by settings, then the user's choice will take precedence.

It should be possible to do this with a small bit of client-side JavaScript without any changes to the server-side backend. This ticket is to track and eventually contribute our patch for users looking for an interim solution until T3820 or another mechanism is in place to address the need for client-restricted projects.

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Sure. But since that will likely be a simple patch and not an extension then we could simply add a ref to this ticket in the community_resources wiki page when the patch is ready. Unless its possible to implement a phabricator extension for UI JavaScript code but I dunno since we haven't looked into this yet.

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Yeah, we don't want this in the upstream. You can add your patch to the wiki page @chad linked, though.

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@dmorissette: I would be interested in the patch you describe. Is it available somewhere?

@ralph.van.etten: No we did not end up doing it, but if we do we will post here for sure.