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Add filter for "Unverified" users in People module
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Please add the possibility to filter for Useraccounts with status "Unverified".

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Is Unverified different from 'Show only users who need approval'?

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply.
'Needs approval' is different from 'unverified'. Needs approval means that an admin still has to acknowledge the registration, while unverified means that the user did not finish the double opt-in yet.

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This was filed a while ago, but it's not clear to me why this is useful -- no obvious reason to want to do this springs to mind.

If there's still a need for this, feel free to file a new request describing what problem it solves (see Contributing Feature Requests).

This information is also available from the API method (in the results; not directly as a filter). That may or may not be helpful in solving whatever the underlying issue is.